PPFPD-8001The drum core is made up of 3 difference types of drums:

  • Snare drums
  • Tenor Drums
  • Bass Drums


The snare drum has a tight knitted kevlar head with metal snared underneath to create a crisp sound when hit. They play different variations of rudimentary phrases to create a drum score. It is the snare drum section responsibility to play rhythmic foundation and create a sense of pulse for the pipers to play along with.

The mid sections of the drum core is made of the bass and tenor drums. These are hollow drums with double sided heads that are played with mallets rather than sticks. The bass is played on both of the heads which face horizontally. The bass will be setting the tempo of the music while keeping the band in step and at the right pace when marching. The tenor is played on one head and is used to support the pulse of the drum core by adding supporting the bass while adding accents to certain beats. The tenors can be played rhythmically or with flourishes. The rhythmic style would play more of along with the bass drum while the flourishers will swing their sticks for elaborate visual effect and play mostly accented beats.